Wines & Ciders

Coastal Black Wines & Ciders

Our unique fruit wines, meads and ciders are fun, easy drinking & the perfect drinks to share with family & friends.


Blueberry Table Wine

Blueberry starts with a complex smokey, semi-dry and more ‘classic’ wine finish. A good introduction for people who are new or unsure of fruit wines.


Blackberry Table wine

Currently SOLD OUT - Full black berry aroma, tart initially finishing with an explosion of blackberry on the taste buds.

Spiced Honey Mead

Spiced Mead

 Our spiced (honey) Mead is now back in stock with its delicious new flavour - featuring cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger combining perfectly with a sweetly light honey taste to make this the PERFECT drink for winter (it can be served warm or chilled...move over eggnog here comes the mead!)

Limited Edition - Raspberry Sparkling Wine

Raspberry sparkling

Limited Edition - Raspberry Sparkling Wine now available!

We have just finished bottling our Raspberry Sparkling Wine - it is fruity, bubbly fun and is available for order through the winery (call us or send a message via facebook to place an order for pick-up at the winery) or visit one of the local (non-government) liquor stores in CR & CV. 

Honey Mead

 Our Mead is a delightful 'sweet treat' with a delicate honey taste (basically our version of an iced wine). It is great on its own at the end of a meal & also pairs well with any fruit pie, cheese plate and can even be poured over ice cream!

Sparkling Blackberry

This is a slightly sweeter version of our blackberry table wine with frizzante style bubbles - Its fruity, fresh with a bright berry flavour. 

Second Page | Apple Cider

Currently Sold Out - We are in the process of making more ciders, keep watching this space and our facebook page for details of when they will be available again.

Second Page | Apple Cranberry Cider - Sold Out

Apple Cranberry Cider Second Page

Currently SOLD OUT. Keep an eye on our facebook page for details of new ciders and wines being released soon.

Where to Buy our Wines & Ciders

Here are the stores in Campbell River, Comox Valley and Nanaimo where you can purchase Coastal Black wines and Second Page Ciders.

Campbell River

  • Big Rock Liquor Store | 778-420-5068
  • Black Creek 'Gas N Go' | 250-337-5514
  • Jaks Liquor (Discovery) | 250-914-5569
  • Jaks Liquor (Timberline) | 778-420-5559
  • Merecroft Village Liquor Store | 250-287-2245
  • Ocean Grove | 778-420-3323
  • Oyster River Liquor Store | 250-923-7575

Courtenay / Comox

  • Buckley Bay Liquor Store | 250-335-2266
  • Cascadia Crown Isle | 250-871-8171
  • City Center Spirits | 250-331-0111
  • Leeward Liquor Store | 250-339-6033
  • Liquor Express Comox (Gas n Go) | 250-941-0066
  • Liquor Plus Courtenay | 250-871-3935
  • Mexicana Liquor Store | 250-703-9571
  • Thrifty Foods Liquor Store | 250-871-0820


  • Cambie Hotel | 250-754-5323
  • Green Rock | 250-754-7500
  • Luckys Liquor Store | 250-585-2275
  • Northgate Liquor Store | 250-390-1727
Coastal Black making fruit wine
Coastal Black fruit wines sparking mead cider
Second Page Apple Cider