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Coastal Black Wines & Ciders

Our unique fruit wines, meads and ciders are fun, easy drinking & the perfect drinks to share with family & friends.

Second Page | Apple Cider (7.7% alc) / $7.00

Our award winning 'flagship' Apple Cider is crisp and dry with a lovely mellow apple finish making it easy drinking and a perfect all year round drink!

Second Page | Blackberry Apple Cider (9.7% alc) / $7.00

Our Blackberry Apple Cider has a lovely delicate blackberry flavour which makes it very easy drinking as it is both delicious and refreshing. (9.7% alcohol). 

Second Page | Strawberry Apple Cider (9.5% alc) / $7.00

Hot off the bottling line is our NEW Strawberry Apple Cider -  We love this cider as it is quite complex smelling of ripe strawberries which makes you think its going to be very sweet tasting (it isn't!) the finish is more semi-dry with both the apple and strawberry flavours coming through - why not try it and see for yourself ?

Second Page | Raspberry Apple Cider (8% alc) / $7.00

Our Raspberry Apple Cider is full of berry flavour with the lovely 'tartness' that raspberries are known for. It smells and tastes divine & has quickly become one of our most popular products!

Second Page | Hopped Apple Cider (7.6% alc) / $7.00

Our Hopped  Apple Cider is clean & fresh, with a delightful citrusy, herbal finish, one of the tasting room favourites! (7.6% alcohol). 

Blueberry Table Wine (13.5% alc) / $20.00

Our Blueberry Table Wine has a full berry flavour with a semi dry finish with its more ‘classic’ wine finish it makes a great introduction to fruit wines for those who haven't tried them before. Serve room temperature or chilled - it is delightful either way!

Raspberry Table Wine - $20 (12% alcohol)

Raspberry Table Wine

Our Raspberry Table Wine after a 2 year hiatus is finally back! - This table wine that stands out for its intensely flavourful, full bodied taste with its amazing raspberry aroma and juicy-fresh finish. It pairs well with Pork or tomato dishes, chocolate and lemon & any type of cheesecake!

Blackberry Table Wine - $20 (15.5% alcohol)

Our Blackberry Table Wine is back! -  This years intense blackberry flavour is partnered perfectly with caramel oak tones on the finish.  It is the perfect accompaniment to summer barbeques, smoked salmon dishes or steak dinners. 

Honey Mead (13% alc) / $21.00

 Our Mead is a delightful 'sweet treat' with a delicate honey taste (our version of an iced wine). It is great on its own at the end of a meal, pairs well with any fruit pie, cheese plates and can even be poured over ice cream! Makes a great addition to many cocktails too...just sub it anytime it asks for 'simple syrup'- Yum!

Blackjack 21 - Port-style fortified Blackberry wine (21% alc) / $21.00

Blackjack 21 is our amazing blackberry dessert 'port-style' wine aged in oak and fortified with a blueberry liquor it has full berry flavour  with subtle hints of caramel & oak on the finish, and goes great with cheesecake, chocolates and is a perfect after dinner sipper.

Blueberry Mead (12% alc) / $21.00

 Our  newly released Blueberry Mead is a delicious melomel (fruit infused honey wine) with both the berry and honey flavours coming through on the palate. Try it with cheese or fruit based dishes or as a dessert wine.

Blue Jay - fortified Blueberry dessert-style wine (21% alc) / $21.00

Blue Jay is our NEW blueberry dessert  wine - it is bold and smooth with a slightly smoky finish, this wine has been aged in oak bringing out the intensity of the blueberry flavour, it pairs well with cheese & charcuterie boards or with a fruity dessert.

Black & Blue Sparkling Wine (10.5% alc) / $23.00

Our Black & Blue Sparkling Wine is finally back in stock - this years version will be a holiday favourite for sure with its berry fruitiness perfectly balanced with caramel and oaky undertones, it's the perfect way to start (or end!) any meal.  

Raspberry Sparkling Wine - $23.00

Raspberry sparkling

Our Raspberry Sparkling Wine is very true to the fruit, its gorgeous ruby colour and delicious 'tarty' sweetness makes it a perfect warm weather drink. Served it chilled next time you have a BBQ or family over for 'patio meal' and let the fun begin! 

Strawberry Sparkling Wine (11.3% alc) / $23.00

Our Strawberry Sparkling Wine is very true to the fruit in both its aroma and flavour , it is semi sweet and the perfect drink to enjoy with a loved one (whether you are celebrating anything or not!) . Best served chilled a great sipping drink or served with chocolates - Yum! 

Where to Buy our Wines & Ciders

Here are the stores in Campbell River, Comox Valley and Nanaimo where you can purchase Coastal Black wines and Second Page Ciders.

Campbell River

  • Black Creek 'Gas N Go' | 250-337-5514
  • Big Rock Liquor Store | 778-420-5068
  • Jaks Liquor (Discovery) | 250-914-5569
  • Jaks Liquor (Timberline) | 778-420-5559
  • Merecroft Village Liquor Store | 250-287-2245
  • Ocean Grove Liquor Store |778-420-3323
  • Oyster River Liquor Store | 250-923-7575
  • * Cider on Tap = Beachfire Brewery | 250-914-3473

Courtenay / Comox

  • Buckley Bay Liquor Store | 250-335-2266
  • Cascadia Crown Isle | 250-871-8171
  • City Center Spirits | 250-331-0111
  • Leeward Liquor Store | 250-339-6033
  • Liquor Express Comox (Gas n Go) | 250-941-0066
  • Liquor Plus Courtenay | 250-871-3935
  • Thrifty Foods Liquor Store | 250-871-0820
  • * Cider on Tap - Cumberland Brewery | 250-400-2739
  • * Cider on Tap - Land and Sea Brewery | 250-941-5577
  • * Cider on Tap - Blackfin Pub & Patio | 250-339-5030



  • Cascadia Nanoose | 250-821-1991
  • Cascadia Parksville | 250-947-8941
  • Chase River Liquor Store | 250-754-8000
  • Green Rock Liquor Store | 250-754-7500
  • Hammond Bay Liquor Store | 250 250-585-2866
  • Luckys Liquor Store | 250-585-2275
  • Northgate Liquor Store | 250-390-1727
  • Oxy Liquor Store | 250-753-7118
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