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Coastal Black Wines & Ciders

Our unique fruit wines, meads and ciders are fun, easy drinking & the perfect drinks to share with family & friends.

Second Page | Apple Cider


Our award winning 'flagship' Apple Cider is crisp and dry with a refreshingly easy drinking light finish - it's a perfect cider to enjoy at any time of the year ! (7.7% alc)

Second Page | Raspberry Apple Cider


Bright, crisp flavour with a lovely true to the berry 'tart' raspberry finish. This cider is amazing (even if we do say so ourselves! (8% alc)

Second Page | Blackberry Apple Cider


This delicious cider has a lovely delicate blackberry flavour with slight caramel notes on the finish, its fun, refreshing and great for sharing! (9.5% alc)

Second Page | Hopped Apple Cider


Our Hopped Apple Cider is clean & fresh with delightful citrus and floral notes on the finish. A local favourite! (7.6% alc)

Second Page | Strawberry Apple Cider


The lovely aroma of ripe strawberries and wonderful semi sweet taste makes this one of our (and everyone else's) favourite ciders to sip wherever/whenever! (9.5% alc)

Strawberry Sparkling Wine


Our award winning strawberry sparkling wine is back just in time for the holiday season! Enjoy a bottle with family & friends - or give a loved one a bottle as a gift! (11.3% alc) 

Blueberry Table Wine


Our Blueberry Table Wine has a full berry flavour with a slightly smoky nose and dry finish with its more ‘classic’ wine feel it is a great introduction to fruit wines for those who haven't tried them before. (13.5% alc)

Blackberry Table Wine


Our Blackberry wine has a bold berry flavour partnered perfectly with caramel and oak on the finish.  A great accompaniment to smoked salmon or steak or any social gathering! (15.5% alc)

Blackjack 21 - Port-style fortified Blackberry wine


Blackjack 21 is an amazing blackberry 'port-style' wine. Aged in oak and fortified with blueberry liquor this dessert wine is the perfect drink to enjoy apres ski or as a 'nightcap'. (21% alc) 

Blue Jay - Blueberry dessert-style wine


Blue Jay is our delicious (semi-sweet) dessert wine - bold but smooth it bursts with blueberry flavour and aroma. Pair it with cheese & charcuterie platters or chocolate/cheesecake. Enjoyable on its own too as a dessert itself! (21% alc)

Honey Mead


 Our Mead is a delightful 'sweet treat' with a delicate honey taste (our version of an iced wine). It is great on its own at the end of a meal, pairs well with any fruit pie, cheese plates and can even be poured over ice cream! Makes a great addition to many cocktails too...just sub it anytime it asks for 'simple syrup'- Yum! (13% alc)

Blueberry Mead


Our Blueberry Mead is a delicious melomel (fruit infused honey wine) both the berry and florally honey flavour comes through on the palate. Try it with any cheese dish, its also makes a wonderful base for an 'adult' version of a fruit salad. (12% alc)

Black & Blue Sparkling Wine


CURRENTLY SOLD OUT - BUT BACK SOON. Our Black & Blue Sparkling Wine is a Comox Valley favourite - its berry flavours are perfectly balanced against the subtle caramel and oak undertones. It is a very versatile and pairs with nearly any dish. A must have for any meal.  (10.5% alc)

Raspberry Sparkling Wine

Raspberry sparkling


SOLD OUT - Any raspberry wine is going to be bursting with flavour and our sparkling version with its its gorgeous ruby colour and delicious slightly 'tarty' taste makes it a perfect 'sipping' drink to share with family and friends. Served it chilled and let the fun begin! 

Raspberry Table Wine


SOLD OUT - This table wine stands out for its intense and flavourful full bodied taste. It has an amazing raspberry aroma and juicy-fresh finish. It pairs well with Pork or cheese dishes, chocolate and lemon & any type of cheesecake! (12% alc)

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