What happens in winter at the winery?

Although the winery is ‘closed for the season’ it doesn’t mean we sitting around doing nothing, in fact the months of January thru April are one of our busiest times of the year as that is when all the ‘magic happens’ and we start making our 2020 wines and ciders. In fact we currently have nearly all our tanks full with different types of fruit slowly fermenting ready to become our delicious ciders or wines.

Once we have finished the fermenting process we then either bottle the wine right away using our on-site bottling machine (table wines and meads only) or we move the wine into Bianca (yes, we name our tanks!) who is our hardest working (& uniquest) tank at the winery as she is the only tank we can add carbonation too (so anything that needs bubbles goes into Bianca first). Once there it is a case of slowly adding CO2 to the wine and ‘bleeding off’ pressure as needed until the perfect amount of bubbles have been added – then the next fun part is hand bottling the finished product (and getting the ‘caps’ on as quickly as possible in order to keep the carbonation!)

We love this time of the year as we can also try out new products/flavours and experiment with different combinations of fruits to decide which works best.

Don’t worry if you are lamenting the fact we aren’t open at this time of the year – as even though the tasting room is closed we still sell our wines through local (non-government) liquor stores in Campbell River, Courtenay/Comox & Nanaimo too.