Thank you for supporting us this year…


Wanted to thank you for all for coming out to both the winery and for our pumpkin Fest this year and to also let you know that even though the winery tasting room is now closed for the season you can still purchase our wines, ciders, frozen blueberries  and more in many different ways!

1). Our honey stand is open 7am-7pm everyday of the week for sales  of honey, candles, frozen blueberries etc (cash or etransfer only.

2).  For wine and cider sales we can offer you curbside pick up (with 24 hours notice) – just message us via Facebook messenger or email with what you would like to order and requested pick up time.

If you aren’t coming out this way you do have other options:

3). Our wines and ciders are available in local (non government) liquor stores in CV, CR and Nanaimo (see the bottom of the front page of our website for a list of stores we supply to).

4). Our honey and blueberries are also available in select stores up and down the island…call your local grocery/natural foods store to see if they have any in stock!