Spring Welcome in Black Creek – April 13th

Looking for something fun to do on Saturday April 13th? Our local community centre here in Black Creek is having an exciting ‘spring’ event for children of all ages. The bonus to this is if you are going to in Black Creek anyway – why not jump across the road to visit us at the winery (we will be open 12 noon until 5pm…so you can stop by before or after the centres event to try and buy our delicious fruit wines, mead and ciders…

And while you are doing your tasting the children can visit our BEE display (which includes a glassed in ‘live’ hive), our canaries are back in their aviary ready to sing for you too!

*We have the (ever popular) strawberry sparkling wine on our tasting list as well as a new version of our honey mead…plus if you haven’t yet tried our ‘second page’ ciders now is your chance to do so!

See you Saturday 13th April (or in fact on any day after that as we open full-time from that date onwards (yep – that means noon-5pm every day from April 13th!)