Our current wine line-up…


Our current wine and mead selection available for purchase at select liquor stores in the Comox Valley, Campbell River & Nanaimo & the saturday CV farmers market)

Blueberry Table Wine = For those not sure about fruit wine as it has a berry flavour to start but finishes with a more traditonal  ‘light red wine’ taste with a hint of smoke on the nose and in the finish.

Sparkling Blackberry Wine = Similar to our Blackberry table wine, but with a slighly sweeter and mellow finish and of course  with bubbles added just for fun!

Mead (Honey Wine) = A earthy, light honey mead with a delicate feel but a true honey taste. Mead is very versitile and can be made into many different types of drinks – visit the tasting room for suggestions on how to enjoy the ‘ancestor of all drinks!’

Spiced Mead (Honey Wine)  = Now back in stock with its delicious clove, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon and ginger flavours combining perfectly with a light sweet honey taste (this the PERFECT drink for winter as it can be served warm or chilled…move over eggnog here comes the mead!)