Our current wine and cider line-up…

wine and cider lineup


Lots of people ask what wines and ciders we currently have available at the tasting room…Our current ‘line-up’ includes:

Apple Cider = Refreshing apple taste with a crisp and dry finish

Cranberry Apple Cider = A hint of ‘tartness’ initially then finishing crisp and dry – goes great with Thanksgiving turkey!

Blackberry Table Wine = Full blackberry on the nose and in the taste, slight tartness with an explosion of blackberry flavour on the finish, a true berry wine taste

Blueberry Table Wine = For those not sure about fruit wine as it has a berry flavour to start but finishes with a more traditonal  ‘light red wine’ taste.

Sparkling Black & Blue (only a few bottles left) = A combination of our blackberry and blueberry wines with bubbles added just for fun!

Mead (Honey Wine) = A earthy, light honey mead with a delicate feel but a true honey taste. Mead is very versitile and can be made into many different types of drinks – visit the tasting room for suggestions on how to enjoy the ‘ancestor of all drinks!’

Spiced Mead (Honey Wine)  is now back in stock with its delicious new flavour – featuring cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger combining perfectly with a sweetly light honey taste to make this the PERFECT drink for winter (it can be served warm or chilled and will be amazing for Christmas…move over eggnog here comes the mead!)