Our Blueberry and Blackberry Table Wine are back in the tasting room!


Product shot of a bottle of blackberry table wine, on a wooden backdrop. bee

Never tried a mead before? Well now is your chance – earthy and sweet – serve it chilled with some ice (or make a mojito by adding lemonade and mint leaves or a ‘ginger zing’ by adding gingerale).

Our Blueberry wine is great to have on the patio with or without extra blueberries added!and our blackberry table wine is bursting with blackberry goodness (and flavour).

Want a fun drink to serve to your family/friends? – Then use either fruit wine as a base for  a ‘killer’ Sangria =  Just add some orange juice, cointreau or triple sec and then a whole bunch of sliced fruit then leave it in your fridge overnight for the fruit to soak up some of the flavour, then when you are ready to enjoy just add ice (oreven  soda and ice if you like a ‘lighter’ drink) either way you have it it’s delicious!

Both these drinks are delicious and fun…take a break from the grape and enjoy a fruit or honey wine instead!