Fruit Wines and ciders are so much fun !

Fan of Raspberries? Then these amazing ciders and wines pictured above are made just for you as they are bursting to the brim with lovely tart but sweet Raspberries which make them a fun, fruity and juicy summer sipper.

Or if Blackberry is more your style then look no further than these – All our Blackberry products finish dry, and our wines are very full-bodied with lovely caramel tones & a lingering blackberry taste on the finish. These products make a great introduction into the world of fruit wines and are sure to be a fun ‘conversation starter’ at any party!

Want to feel ‘Blue’ in a good way? Then try one of these blueberry wines  with something for everyone = Like a more traditional style wine that has a great berry taste but finishes dry? Then try our Blueberry Table wine. Prefer a sweeter sip? Then Blueberry Mead is for you. Looking for a gift for a family member or friend? Then try our new Blue Jay Dessert wine it is bursting with blueberry flavour and comes in a great looking bottle (it also packs a punch at 21% alc!)