Corn, frozen blueberries, honey and candles always available in the ‘honey house’.

Big D’ (aka: Dan) is the son of the winery owners and also the man in charge of all the bees (350 plus hives!), the bees in turn are responsible for pollenating our berry (and pumpkin etc) crops – as well as providing us with the fireweed honey we use to make our delicious tasting meads! If you would like to see a ‘hive at work’ come visit the honey house here at the winery as we have a live hive in the back with all these industrious little workers doing their thing!

The ‘honey house’ is open everyday between 8am to 8pm so stop by to pick up honey. candles & wax, seasonal veggies, corn, frozen blueberries or eggs (when available), payment via cash or etransfer…Or if you are coming out our way between 12 noon to 5pm Thursday thru Monday you can also pay inside in the winery retail store via debit/credit (and maybe stay a while and enjoy a flight of wine or cider too – or just grab some bottles to take home to enjoy!