Four generations living and working together

About Coastal Black Estate Winery

Coastal Black is an award winning estate fruit winery and cidery nestled at the base of Mt. Washington on the outskirts of the beautiful Comox Valley. Our family farm is made up of four generations living and working together to produce product of the highest standard, whether it be wine, cider, fresh market fruit, veggies and raw honey.

Family Coastal Black Winery

Family Farm

Because of our large family and insistence of good quality, we do all the work ourselves and for a few months during our busy season, a handful of seasonal workers give us a hand. Having the generational span from a 1 year old to an 80 year old truly creates a unique living and working environment. While it comes with its occasional challenges, the upside of having the diversity of opinion and insight lead to creative discussion and ideas.

Bonnie and Terry Ludwig

Our hope is to excite your palette and revive your body and spirit with our wines and ciders that are full of flavour and complexities. We would love for you to come have a visit and a tasting and we can share our story in person with you.

Bonnie Terry Ludwig Black Winery

More than just a winery

Along with making wines, meads and ciders we also run a busy farming operation. At the moment we grow 40 acres of blueberries, 50 acres of eating corn, 40 acres of squash and pumpkins and have 450 colonies of bees. In all of our operations we strive for organic practices and preservation of the land, air and waterways. We have been heavily involved in agriculture since 1981 and established Coastal Black in 2009 as we wanted to broaden the horizons of wine drinkers by welcoming them to the world of fruit wines.

Coastal Black blueberry vineyard
Coastal Black fruit wine
Coastal Black picking blueberries