Our current wine and cider line-up…



Lots of people ask what wines and ciders we currently have available at the tasting room…Our current ‘line-up’ includes:

Apple Cider = Refreshing apple taste with a crisp and dry finish

Cranberry Apple Cider = A hint of ‘tartness’ intially then finishing crisp and dry – a great summer drink

Blackberry Table Wine = Full blackberry on the nose and in the taste, slight tartness with an explosion of blackberry flavour on the finish, a true berry wine taste

Blueberry Table Wine = For those not sure about fruit wine as it has a berry flavour to start but finishes with a more traditonal  ‘light red wine’ taste.

Sparkling Black & Blue (our newest addition) = A combination of our blackberry and blueberry wines with bubbles added just for fun! It’s light, fruity with a suprisingly dry finish…a lovely summer ‘sipper’ that is flying off the shelves already!

Mead (Honey Wine) = A earthy, ligt honey mead with a delicate feel but a true honey tatse. We consider this a ‘dessert’ wine but it is so versitile that it can be made into many different types of drinks ( you really need to come to the tasting room to try some and so we can explain how to ‘mix it up’ with this ancestor of all drinks!)