August’s Artist of the Month – Marilyn Peeters

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Marilyn is an expressionist painter working and residing in the Comox Valley, British Columbia who will be displaying her artwork here at Coastal Black from 9th-29th of August.  (she will even be on-site painting a couple of days too – keep an eye on this blog to find out when!

Below is some more information about this talented artist…plus she has a great website you can visit to see the many different sides to her artist side.

Marilyn’s values, experiences and spirituality reflect in her art; she is a multi-media artist with a strong passion for the natural environment. When not working on location she uses her photography as means of notation to trigger her memories, sensations and imagination so that she may revisit her ephemeral experience of nature with paint. Each of her landscape paintings refers to a particular environment, yet they are unidentifiable.

Her brush strokes are expressive and her colour choices do not represent reality. Instead, she works from a personal vision of how she perceives it. In her work, she paints with bold, vivid colours in a layering technique to create a vibration and luminosity. She explores a sensorial perception of nature through her painting process creating a mood through abstraction that retains a representation of the natural environment.


Lets Talk Meads and Save The Bees!

Mead (aka Honey Wine) is making a come-back!

Mead can be sweet or dry & is simply made using honey, water, and yeast and is one of the oldest ways to create alcohol – it is the ‘ancestor of all fermented drink’ . It is also where the origin of the term Honeymoon comes from, newlyweds would drink the honey wine for a full month (moon-cycle) after they were wed for ‘fertility’.

Most people think of a Mead as something that they have heard of from Robin Hood (or the TV shows ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Vikings’ and expect it to be quite dark, rich and heavy on the palette (almost like a stout). Ours is much more refined than that, and is basically a wine.

Mead comes in a dazzling array of flavors; depending on the type of honey, the brewing process used, and additions that can be added: (When fruits or spices are added, mead takes on totally different characteristics).

All Coastal Black Meads are made using fireweed honey – to get this unique honey, Dan (the Bee man!) takes his bees up the mountain. Using fireweed honey means we have a lovely light, natural and earthy taste to our meads. Why not stop by the tasting room and try some for yourself to see!