Picnics are available for purchase to enjoy on our patio 7 days a week from Noon – 5pm


Come on out to the winery and enjoy a ‘build it yourself’ picnic basket while sitting on our patio with some friends…you can enjoy a glass (or bottle!)  of one of our delicious fruit wines or ciders while listening to the canaries sing.  Our picnic features locally sourced deli meats, cheeses, tortillo chips, veggies, treats and more.* Enjoy the beautiful scenery here at the Coastal Black Estate while you Relax, Sip and Savour.  

The winery tasting room and patio are both open 7 days a week from Noon to 5:00pm.

Our current wine and cider line-up…



Lots of people ask what wines and ciders we currently have available at the tasting room…Our current ‘line-up’ includes:

Apple Cider = Refreshing apple taste with a crisp and dry finish

Cranberry Apple Cider = A hint of ‘tartness’ intially then finishing crisp and dry – a great summer drink

Blackberry Table Wine = Full blackberry on the nose and in the taste, slight tartness with an explosion of blackberry flavour on the finish, a true berry wine taste

Blueberry Table Wine = For those not sure about fruit wine as it has a berry flavour to start but finishes with a more traditonal  ‘light red wine’ taste.

Sparkling Black & Blue (our newest addition) = A combination of our blackberry and blueberry wines with bubbles added just for fun! It’s light, fruity with a suprisingly dry finish…a lovely summer ‘sipper’ that is flying off the shelves already!

Mead (Honey Wine) = A earthy, ligt honey mead with a delicate feel but a true honey tatse. We consider this a ‘dessert’ wine but it is so versitile that it can be made into many different types of drinks ( you really need to come to the tasting room to try some and so we can explain how to ‘mix it up’ with this ancestor of all drinks!)

Our Blueberry and Blackberry Table Wine are back in the tasting room!


Product shot of a bottle of blackberry table wine, on a wooden backdrop. beeMeads-300x200 (2)

Never tried a mead before? Well now is your chance – earthy and sweet – serve it chilled with some ice (or make a mojito by adding lemonade and mint leaves or a ‘ginger zing’ by adding gingerale).

Our Blueberry wine is great to have on the patio with or without extra blueberries added!and our blackberry table wine is bursting with blackberry goodness (and flavour).

Want a fun drink to serve to your family/friends? – Then use either fruit wine as a base for  a ‘killer’ Sangria =  Just add some orange juice, cointreau or triple sec and then a whole bunch of sliced fruit then leave it in your fridge overnight for the fruit to soak up some of the flavour, then when you are ready to enjoy just add ice (oreven  soda and ice if you like a ‘lighter’ drink) either way you have it it’s delicious!

Both these drinks are delicious and fun…take a break from the grape and enjoy a fruit or honey wine instead!

Blueberry season is almost upon us!


The blueberries are almost ripe (we just need a few sunny days in a row to be able to get out into the fields to pick them!)

We are however taking pre-orders for them – they are $15 for a 5lb box (same price as last year!) -so  if you would like to be added to the list please either email us at info@coastalblack.ca , send us a messaage via facebook or call the winery at 250-337 8325. Information we will need to know is your name, phone number and how many boxes you would like!

*Please note there is (unfortuately) no u-pick this year…but rest assured any berries you order from us will still be hand-picked (it will just be us doing the work and not you!)

Why are our CIDERS called ‘Second Page’?

SecondPageBanner2hopped ciderimg_0672.jpg

Why ‘Second Page’ ?

So by now you’ve probably figured out we’ve got a brand new product, an apple cider. And  you may be asking yourself is, “Why is their apple cider branded under the name Second Page?”. Well here at Coastal Black, starting a new product (that isn’t a wine or mead) is a brand new adventure! You could say, we are turning the page and adding to our story and are now  the ‘Second Page’ of our book.

Not only that, but the exciting and growing world of craft cider is different from that of wine and mead and we wanted to make sure these products (that we are very proud of)  makes a statement and stands out.

So turn the page and join us in our next adventure – find them at your favorite local (non-government) liquor store!